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    Tic Tac Toe Twister

    Among the best compliments we have received is when we walk into a restaurant with four kids, and I get to watch the faces of a few other guests watch in disgust when they assume their meal has been ruined by a rowdy bunch of heathens. Then by the time they finish their meal those same people will often walk to our table and compliment their behavior!

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  • Lasagna


    I have never shied away from my feelings on family time. I believe (along with most family experts) that without it families become unhinged. Of course you already know this! You're reading a family blog ABOUT doing things with your family. Without question, however, our family dinner time is most important to us!


    If you don't know yet, you will soon figure out that we are not a sports family. We don't have a problem with it, but with four kids Tammy and I quickly discerned that if we ever wanted to see each other we needed to find

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who we areThe Hedges

We didn't plan to have a big family, but after one child, one adoption and two surprises we find ourselves raising what is considered a big family by today's standards. What makes it more fun is that we have done almost everything on a single income!

We don't always get it right, and many of our projects are epic fails! But we get enough of them right to keep the "Hedge fun" alive


what we doThe Mission of
Our Hedge Fun

We are a crafty family. Building things together has always been a passion, but as the kids grow so do the projects. So we thought, why not take what we do and teach them how to build and grow a business of their own?

This blog is about raising a family, building work ethics, learning success and failures an doing it all together. We are the Hedges. Join us in our journey. There's always room for one more in this family!

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