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Introducing the Fam

Meet the Hedges. We are a husband and wife team raising four kids on a meager single income. We have more family fun than most anyone you know without  having to spend a lot of money! This site is dedicated to kill the idea that in order to have great life experiences while on a tight budget. From left to right in the front row: Hannah, Ian, Eli and Isaac. Tammy and I are in the back.

We are the anti-hedge fund family. We are about investing TIME without a lot of money.

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How We Do What We Do

We invest time. That's it. If you want strong, confident children (regardless your financial status) you will learn some of the secrets we have learned to building just that! We will discuss both highs and lows of outings, projects, games and much more. 

Time is the one commodity that is constant for any day you are alive. You get no more because you are influential, and no less if you are a couch potato! We take time every day to let our kids know they are loved and important!

About the Hedges

We didn't plan to have a big family, but after one child, one adoption and two surprises we find ourselves raising what is considered a big family by today's standards. What makes it more fun is that we have done almost everything on a single income! 

We don't always get it right, and many of our projects are epic fails! But we get enough of them right to keep the "Hedge fun" alive!

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